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We are on a (summer) break

Season 5 of the ¿Qué? podcast is coming to an end a little earlier than we expected. Thanks to you all for listening and we'll be back in September!

S05E08: New spike in coronavirus infections and the fallout from Cuba protests

This week, we discuss the ongoing rise in Covid-19 cases, in particular among young people, and we also examine how protests by Cuban citizens have been putting the central government in a tight spot 

S05E07: Delta strain in Spain and the debate over bilingual education programs

This week on our Spanish news podcast, we discuss the rise of the delta coronavirus strain in Spain, the spike in infections among young people and what regions are doing to curb contagions.

S05E06: Coronavirus update and interview with Bremain in Spain chair

This week, we discuss the spread of the delta variant and the progress of the Covid-19 vaccination drive, and speak to the MBE recipient, Sue Wilson, about the work her organization does to protect the rights of UK citizens living in the country.

S05E05: A tragedy in Tenerife and Sánchez's hallway chat with Biden

This week on our Spanish news podcast, we look at the tragic case of Anna and Olivia, two little girls who are thought to have been murdered by their father in Spain’s Canary Islands, and discuss the broader problem of gender violence in Spain. We also explain how an announced “bilateral meeting” between Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and US President Joe Biden turned into a hallway chat that lasted less than a minute.

S05E04: How Spain’s autonomous regions have handled the pandemic

We discuss how complicated the coronavirus crisis has been in the country due to the powers of the regional governments

S05E03: Spain's Covid vaccine campaign, and Brexit advice for Britons

This week we take a look at Spain's ongoing Covid-19 vaccine campaign, and also consider some of the changing rules and regulations for UK nationals  traveling to or living in the country

S05E02: Travel after Brexit and Catalan politics

This week we discuss the changes to the coronavirus restrictions on travelers from the UK, and look at the new Catalan government, which has made securing clemency for the jailed leaders of the 2017 breakaway bid a priority

S05E01: Picking up where we left off

After a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Simon Hunter and Melissa Kitson are back with a brand new series

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What in God’s name is happening in Spain? Simon Hunter, editor of the English Edition of Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS, tries to explain it all to his beloved English-speaking audience